Poughkeepsie by Mrs.TheKing

Poughkeepsie by Mrs.TheKing

Bella is at the train station when a homeless man gets attacked. Even if the other train passengers can turn their backs on ‘Crazy’, the man that pretends to play piano on cardboard, Bella can’t.
Poughkeepsie is being published:
Livia’s life changes when she defends a homeless man from an attack at the train station. When she looks into Blake Hartt’s eyes, she finds kindness as well as a perplexing secret. He introduces her to a life she can barely fathom that includes his two foster brothers, one a dangerous gangster and the other, an emotionally raw would-be priest.

Despite his brothers’ concern that a relationship might be too tough on him emotionally, Blake insists on trusting his heart to this brave woman. As Livia discovers that her days must include kissing Blake’s lips, she also faces the stigma of dating a homeless man. She takes on the task of trying to find the reason for Blake’s crippling fear of sunlight.

Amongst all this, if love can stop the bullet aimed at Blake’s heart, maybe they can hope to be each other’s forever.

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