Branded and Road Maps by Oleander

Branded by Oleander


After fifteen year-old Bella Swan and her older brother Emmett lose their parents in a tragic accident, Bella’s life takes a horrific turn for the worse. Once Emmett discovers the secret she’s been keeping, he moves them from Phoenix to Forks to live with their Godparents Carlisle and Esme Cullen, and their children, Edward and Alice.
Can a move to a new town help heal Bella, who has deemed herself ruined and unfixable? Can the love of a new family break through the scars of her past?
***This story contains explicit language, violent scenes, sexual situations, and angst***

Road Maps (Sequel)

It’s now six years later; Bella is graduating from Dartmouth, Edward is in Med School. How have their lives changed over the years and what’s to come down the road?
AU-Human, rated NC-17 for mature language, mature subject matter, talk of abuse.SEQUEL TO BRANDED.  Please read Branded before reading this story.


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