Nude Moon by SirenSongx

 Nude Moon by SirenSongx

She wanted that night!

Bella is a woman scorned by her past love, so she goes out and inflicts the same kind of pain on men. However, when she sees Edward at a bar, her normal game plan changes; she wants him as a 1-night stand. But even that plan changes when they arrive at his home and she learns about who he really is. Bella has to leave immediatly!

After years of self-induced torment, Edward finally joins his friends at the new nightclub. What he finds at the bar changes almost everything in his life. Is Bella really the one to pull him out of this downward spiral he calls a life? Will they be able to overcome what fate has in store for them? Edward is unwilling to let her go, ever!

But are the changes to each of theirs lives good or bad?

He needed forever!


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