Every Touch Tells a Story by Sleeptalker1

Every Touch Tells a Story by Sleeptalker1


If I only have this time whilst she’s my patient, then I’ll make it count. Though yearning for more, I’ll give her that lost time back, those lost memories. A love that will last, is a love that fights to be. Every touch will tell our story. AH ExB.

Frontline by MissAlex

Frontline by MissAlex


Edward Cullen is a mysterious and wealthy CEO, who always gets what he wants. Isabella Swan is a headstrong nurse at Manhattan Memorial Hospital. Edward arrives at her ER one night and their steamy chance encounter changes both of their lives forever.



Without saying a word, Edward fastens a button on his suit jacket with one hand and crosses the room toward me with the long, confident strides I have come to expect from him.

His brooding expression should send me running from the penthouse in fear, but instead, I am bewitched and drift toward him. The air feels charged between us. Electrifying and dangerous.

Immune to the warning bells sounding off in my head, I coax him closer with a slight sway of my hips, as well as a challenging, sly smile that, given his dedicated stare, he clearly wants to abolish from my face in ways that will probably make my toes curl and my ovaries quiver.

Which, based on my track record, I will gladly let him do, of course.

Edward stops devastatingly close to me, his warm, sweet breath caressing my lips as I gaze up at him with merciful eyes and an expression that reveals just how deeply I have fallen for him.

We do not speak. Our passionate stand-off is both tantalizing and tortuous for me.

Then, finally, I cannot take it anymore.

“Edward?” His name slips from my lips like a question, my voice embarrassingly shaky and squeaky.

He advances and I back up until I meet something hard and am forced to stop. The fish tank.


I mentally smack myself upside the head.

So much for my plan not to back up into any walls in his presence…


Days Like This by Soft Ragoo

Days Like This by Soft Ragoo


Bella and her newborn adjust to their life together but it seems everywhere they go, they encounter the same man with the captivating eyes and sexy smile. Edward’s life lacks something he desires. Has he been handed a challenge or a reward? All human


Outtake Days at a Time


One-shot chapters following up on the ‘Days Like This’ family. Reading the full story beforehand would make much more sense. ; ExB and Sunshine AH, of course


The Capitol Games by VividlyVisceral

The Capitol Games by VividlyVisceral


This Quarter Quell will be the most difficult. They’re the tributes, the tributes who- never in a million years, thought they’d fight in the Hunger Games. Why? Because these are the CAPITOL’S children being reaped this time, and this’ll be quite the show.


The Big Empty by Fiona Fresh1

The Big Empty by Fiona Fresh1
Isabella is a Junior at Forks high, with an overly controlling stage mother. Bella has learned how to balance her mothers expectations against what she needs for sanity, but at what cost? When Edward moves to town, Bella starts questioning it all.